Hodly Wallet Coins

Hodly Diversified Portfolio

One of the advantages of Hodly is its variety of cryptocoins. Being able to invest in various digital currencies allows you to both diversify and protect your portfolio. With Hodly, your wallet isn’t restricted to the mainstream coins, and thus you can take better advantage of new coin offerings and opportunities that the cryptomarket offers.

The digital currencies market is very dynamic and volatile. At any moment new trends emerge and having a wallet that allows you both flexibility and the ability to execute decisions rapidly is key factor. The Hodly Wallet team is committed to constantly expand and improve the list of digital coins available to you.

Hodly Coin List

The list of cryptocurrencies which you can store and trade with Hodly grows constantly. Currently, these are the digital coins available for trading. They cover a wide variety of markets and options:

  1. Bitcoin – The flagship of all cryptocurrencies is of course at the top of any wallet’s list
  2. Litecoin – Created to offer a lighter, faster version of Bitcoin, this coin has firmly become a reference for investors
  3. Ethereum – This open-source public coin has a unique platform it hopes will eventually serve as a model to all future cryptos
  4. Ripple – A money transfer technology, Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency and firm competitor of Bitcoin
  5. ZCash – Offers completely encrypted transactions that conceal sender, recipient and value information of trades
  6. Dash – Aiming to be a faster and more efficient payment system, it focuses on user-friendliness and one-click purchases
  7. Tron – The entertainment cryptocurrency, Tron is trying to create an entertainment content databased for the cryptomarket
  8. Qtum – This Chinese-based coin mixes several existing technologies to offer the best of each. It’s price has increased dramatically
  9. EOS – Released in January 2018 with the open source release scheduled for June, this new cryptocurrency is hoping to make a big splash
  10. OmiseGo – Focusing mainly on Japan, Thailand and Singapore, OmiseGo hopes to become the improved version of Ripple

With so many options and more coins being added constantly, the Hodly wallet is clearly a perfect place for developing a strong and healthy crypto investment portfolio.

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