Hodly Wallet

Hodly is an innovative wallet that solves all your cryptocurrency management needs. Buy bitcoins, ethereum and several other digital coins with simple credit cards transactions and manage them securely with the advanced Hodly Wallet encryption technology.

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The Hodly Wallet offers multiple advantages, including double password verification, cold storage (offline), the option of buying multiple types of crypto coins using your credit card and all the charts, financial data and price ranges you need to manage your investment.








Hodly Features

The Hodly wallet is an advanced software and app. Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with professionalism and simplicity enjoying the multiple features offered by Hodly:

Multiple Coins

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and several other coins available for you!

Mobile App

Manage all your positions from your cell phone today with the Hodly Wallet app!

Simple Verification

No verification is needed for you to but, sell or receive cryptocurrencies!

Live Updates

Hodly keeps you up to date with live charts, data and cryptocurrency prices!

Customer Service

A 24/7 support team defines the Hodly Wallet dedication to assisting our clients!

Secure Wallet

Double protection of pin and password plus offline storage for your secure experience!

Social Engagement

Share ideas with other Hodly Wallet holders. Socialize and broaden your horizons!

Credit Card Friendly

With the Hodly Wallet you can purchase digital coins with your bank's credit card!

Free Practice Account – VS – Real Cryptocoins Account

The Hodly Wallet is an IQ Option product. This exchange allows you to opt for a free practice account before investing real money. Or start with as little as $10 dollars!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hodly offers customer support on a 24/7 basis. Here is an FAQ list to help you better understand the advantages of the Hodly Wallet

What is Hodly

Hodly is a cryptocurrency wallet. This software and app allows you to store your digital coins securely and perform multiple transactions swiftly and easily.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is essentially a software that contains encrypted information about your cryptocoins. This encrypted data is stored offline to ensure the safety of your investment.

How do I download the Hodly Wallet?

Hodly is available as a free app for your cellphone or as a software that can be accessed from devices such as your laptop or tablet. Simply sign up and follow the requested steps,

What is the use of Hodly?

Hodly is primarily a digital coin wallet to secure and manage your crytocurrency. Its various features also allow you to use it as an investment tool.

Is there any risk involved?

The objective of Hodly is to avoid the risk of hacks to your cryptocurrency. That being said, cryptocurrencies have volatile prices and no wallet can protect you from price shifts.

Does my device support Hodly?

Hodly is supported by all major cellphones, browsers and devices. The Hodly wallet is constantly updated to provide the best possible experience for you.

Are my crypto coins safe?

Hodly uses a double verification process that includes a password and a pin number. Furthermore, your digital coins are cold stored offline for additional safety.

How do I get started?

To start using the Hodly Walley simply press the SIGN UP button on this page and follow the instructions. It’s that easy. You can start using Hodly today!

Hodly Testimonials

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Hodly has several advantages that transform it into the optimal wallet for your cryptocurrency. With Hodly you can do much more than just store bitcoins, ethereum and other digital assets. Here, you have the opportunity to benefit from a multitude of important features for your portfolio: Buy cryptocoins with a simple transaction using your credit […]